dormitory horror #2


Later that night when everybody was asleep, a couple of drunk Australians burst into the dorm, laughing and falling down, totally smashed. One of them crashed out in bed straight away, but the other guy sat in the corner by himself with his Walkman on loud, humming unrecognisable tunes. I couldn’t sleep. No-one could sleep.

After 10 minutes the guy stood up and rolled open the blind over the window, flooding the room with white moonlight. He walked back over to the corner, pissed into a wooden crate, took off all his clothes then tried to climb into bed with a Korean guy in the bunk opposite mine.

The Korean guy freaked out! He leaped out of his bunk, flipped on the lights and cried out in broken English: ‘What is this!? What has happened!? This my bed – not for you! What you do? Why you do this with no clothes on you fucking man!?’

The Australian guy, still under the sheets in the other guy’s bed, paused, casually raised himself up onto one elbow and, looking insulted, said, ‘Well, if that’s the way you feel about it!’ He rolled out of the bunk pinching the end of his big erect cock between his thumb and his index finger, climbed into his own bunk and fell instantly asleep. Jesus! The light went off and I slept uneasily, wondering ‘what has happened?’ myself.

In the morning the distressed Korean guy was at the check-in counter relating the above perversities to the guy working there. The two Aussies had packed up and left early, before anyone else was awake. You had to admire the audacity.

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